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OUT OF THE BOX STUDIO, is a place where you can discover the artist within, let go of the rules, think differently and use your imagination to create something unique

Come in, get messy, EXPLORE, LeArN, be creative, binspired, CoLOr, paintDRaW, gluePriNTCoLLaGecutpastesculpt and invent using a wide VaRiety of materials. 

We mix it up here and HAVE FUN!  

We offer classes for children ages 2 and  up!  Workshops for ADULTS and CHILDREN.


Self portraits

inspired by

Matryoshka dolls!



L a n d s c a p e s

(inspired by Wolf Kahn)

We read the story "Ish" by Peter Reynolds. It is about a boy who does not like what he draws, crumples it up and throws it away. However, his sister finds his work beautiful, collects all of his drawings and hangs them up to create a gallery in her room. She tells him that even though he thinks they aren't perfect, they look "ish" to her(flower-ish, fish-ish, sunset-ish). Students at the studio were asked to pick a card with a subject or descriptive word on it, not tell anybody what it was, and then paint/draw the word. In the end we had a gallery show and shared our "ish" thoughts.

Great way to start off the Fall Session. Beautiful birch trees!


Inspired by the symmetry in Mandalas. Cut paper collage.

Check out these critters! made with cardboard and plaster gauze.


featuring all 9 images (created by students) are for sale!

$10 for a package of 6 cards.

All proceeds to benefit The One Fund Boston, to aid those affected in the marathon bombings on April 15, 2013. 

Please email  for ordering information.


FOUND OBJECT SCULPTURES, inspired by Louise Nevelson

Still Life by Alena (8), Sara (6), Hannah (9), Maggie (7.5), Chase (7), inspired by Henri Matisse. Acrylic on black poster board

When Toy Story Meets Dr. Seuss

Beach Week

Reverse Glass Paintings, Downtown Annapolis.

by Chase(8), Emily(9), Maggie(7), Addie(3) and mom, Rose(2) and mom.


Tree Landscapes (inspired by Wolf Kahn)

Illustrations by Chase and Maggie, age 7 ( inspired by Owl Moon)

Inspired by Owl Moon. ( by Cate and Lucas, age 3)

Paint and Tissue Paper collage, inspired by Georgia O'Keefe

Tote bags....Mondrian style.

Printing with Vegetables and Citrus.

Inspired by the story Elmer and artist Paul Klee.

Inspired by Degas' Horses. (By Caroline, 5) Reverse side of Travertine tile colored with crayon and stamped. Decorated horse sculpture.

Reverse Glass Painting. City Scapes. By Chase, Hannah & Maggie

Paper and Pen collage. Inspired by Picasso's Three Musicians. (By Maggie & Hannah)

Recycled Creatures

Still Life Drawings. Oil pastel and Watercolor. By Chase (7) and Emily(8)

Paper Cut Outs (inspired by Matisse)

by Maia (7), Emily (8), and Sage (5)


Painting with Rollers and Spaghetti (inspired by Jackson Pollock)

Chesapeake Bay Bridge by Lucas  (2.5)

Circles on Wood (inspired by Wassily Kandinsky)

by Maggie (7), Sage(5), Zachary (5)

Birch Trees ( inspired by Gustav Klimt)                                    by Caroline (4), Chase (7), Maia ( 7)

Reverse Glass Painting

Mixed Media/ Garden Fairy

Junk Art ( inspired by Wizard of Oz)


(Inspired by Warhol)

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